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Various injuries however apply tourniquets to arms and legs that are draining gravely. You can utilize a belt or t ights as mak Geniux e-movement tourniquets. On the off chance that the patient has endured an awful fall, the main principle is not to move the individual. You can bring about critical damage to somebody with broken bones by moving them. You can even bring about loss of motion, so on the off chance that somebody has fallen, ask whether they can move their fingers and toes (a sign that the spine is in all likelihood undamaged) and after that telephone the salvage administrations. Two Geniux of the finest securit y rules whilst going chasing, are to tell somebody where you are going and never to go alone. In the event that you chase with the same individual regularly, why not both go to a First Aid class together? To begin with make a rundown of all the .

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